100 Days Membership Campaign

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100 Days Membership Campaign

September marks the beginning of second annual 100 Days Membership Campaign, officially underway since 1 September and finishing, like last year, on 9 December. It is hoped that all clubs will participate!

What’s new?

YMI Open House

In 2019/20 clubs were asked to launch the first 100 Days Membership Campaign with a Kick Off Ceremony. This year, clubs are requested to host an Open House – an in-person, on-line, or combination event to which the public (or a select target group of potential new members) is invited to learn more Y’s Men International in a fun and informal setting.

More Incentives to Join

The 2020 International Council Meeting approved:

  • the introduction of 50% discount on International Dues during 2020/21 and 2021/22 for young people aged 26 – 35 years joining as a new club member.
  • the expansion of the existing promotion giving 50% discount on International Dues to partners of existing club members when they join as a new club member – it’s now available to all clubs regardless of membership size.

Virtual Membership Concept

Inviting non-local persons to join clubs, adding a new, modern dimension to club life, as well providing new knowledge and resource streams. Lets’ create GLOCAL CLUBS – a Local Club with a Global membership!

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