100 Days Membership Campaign

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Each year the 100 days from 1 September until 9 December are reserved for a targeted membership extension drive.

During the campaign:

  • Club members are encouraged to recruit at least one new person into their club
  • Clubs are challenged to sponsor at least one new club

Clubs are invited to create extension teams – three or four club members working together to bring in new people and explore opportunities to charter new clubs.

This type of cooperation can increase fellowship, idea sharing and your chances of a successful outcome. It can also make extension exciting rather than intimidating.

Within the context of Strategy 2032, we encourage you to focus on family engagement, as well as attracting younger and more diverse members. However, any person embracing our values of love, compassion, sacrifice, and selflessness is always welcome to join our service fellowship.

Benefits of Growing Membership

More members mean more hands-on-deck, leading to greater impact in our community and more enriching experiences for everyone involved.

Mentoring Opportunities

For existing members, this is a golden opportunity to mentor and guide the newcomers, sharing your expertise and experiences.

Fun and Engaging Events

In the spirit of the campaign, consider hosting social and meet-and-greet events. It’s the perfect setting to introduce potential members to our vibrant community. An Open House could be an in-person, online, or combination event to which the public is invited to learn more Y’s Men International in a fun and informal setting. An event could also be arranged to introduce a specific target group of potential new members to YMI.

Benefits for New Clubs

Starting a new club brings a fresh perspective, broadens our reach, and provides more localised opportunities for community service. Plus, it’s a wonderful leadership opportunity.

Personal Growth

By extending your club, you’re not just bringing in new members — you’re also growing personally by building leadership, networking, and interpersonal skills.

Feedback and Support

We’re here to support you every step of the way! Please share your recruitment stories, challenges, and successes. Your feedback helps us tailor future campaigns to be even more successful.