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International Election Results

International Election Results

The successful candidates from the 2018/19 International Election were announced on Friday during the Mid Year Meeting currently underway in Chiang Mai, Thailand...

YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer

YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer

The Week of Prayer starts on the 2nd Sunday of November, and runs up to, and including, the following Saturday. The theme for this year’s Week of Prayer is “Youth Empowerment for Good‘...

Our Programmes

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Alexander Scholarship Fund" title="Alexander Scholarship Fund">

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Supporting training of YMCA Staff.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Endowment Fund" title="Endowment Fund">

Endowment Fund

Providing financial aid and stability for present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Brotherhood Fund" title="Brotherhood Fund">

Brotherhood Fund

Allowing travel of members to visit members in other countries.

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