Time of Fast

The Time of Fast Fund (TOF) is an annual International Y’s Men’s fund raising programme which began as monetary assistance made available to areas of developing countries by arrangement with the World Alliance of YMCAs.

TOF is now a popular programme where Y’s Men members all over the world, traditionally give up at least one meal (usually during the month of February) and donate the cost of that meal to the TOF fund which in turn makes the money raised in this way available to projects sponsored by both Y’s Men and the YMCAs all over the world. Since its inception in 1972 to date, TOF has raised about US$ 7 million for development projects and disaster relief.

Time of Fast Emphasis – February 2019


  • International President’s 2018/19 target : CHF 149,630. Let’s beat that!
  • Average yearly contribution during the past five years : CHF 161,933. Let’s beat that!
  • Highest yearly contribution since during the past five years : CHF 198,019. Let’s beat that!
  • Can we raise CHF 200,000 this year? Yes, we can!

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Approved Projects

Lists of projects approved yearly by International Council.



Donation Calendars

Calendars in various languages and currencies to promote personal TOF donations during February emphasis month.


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Funding Applications

Projects applications are accepted from affiliated clubs (Y’s Men, Y Service, Y’s Women, Y’s Men and Women), YMCAs and recognised YMCA affiliates. If the application is from a YMCA or affiliate, it must be endorsed by an affiliated club, District, Region or Area in which the project is located.

TOF projects must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • Deal directly with needy people and/or those who provide for them
  • Improve the recipient’s quality of life, directly or indirectly
  • Be of the self-help variety
  • Have on-going funding or be self-funded after set-up
  • Address at least of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Maximum funding per project is set at CHF 15,000. Applications for funding close annually on 15 March.

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