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Funds available for projects to reduce carbon emissions of Y’s Men International

All Areas, Regions, Districts and Clubs are invited to submit applications for projects that will reduce the carbon emissions of Y’s Men International, or to reduce other carbon emissions.

Projects worth up to CHF 5,000 are more likely to be considered as opposed to projects worth more than CHF 5,000.

The deadline for each annual round of applications is 15 March

Download example of a funding application

Criteria include

i. Cost of GHG emissions reduced on a per tonne basis

ii. Cost and ease of measuring / verifying the rate of reduction of GHG emissions

iii. Life and rate of reduction in both early years and later years of the project

iv. The benefit of the project to Y’s Men International, the YMCA and local community.


i. Projects are to be submitted to the Green Team Chair, Mr Colin Lambie though the form below.

ii. The Green Team will prioritise the appropriate projects that meet the criteria and recommend to the following International Council Meeting.

iii. The ICM will approve projects that fit within the budget.