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These training modules have been designed to be equally useful for trainer-led sessions and self-learning.

Most will include a PowerPoint along with a corresponding document of suggestions and tips on how to present it for trainers, a PDF overview or “cheat sheet” highlighting key information points, a complementary explainer video, links to other relative reading materials or resources and an interactive quiz option for members to individually test their own knowledge.

Module translations into the following foreign languages are available as provided to us: Chinese, Danish, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Leaders with direct obligations to IHQ – that is Regional Directors, Area Presidents and ICMs – will also be able to view an IHQ-managed calendar showing important events and deadlines relative to your position.

Introduction to Club Membership

Introduction to YMI

A guided presentation recommended for new club members and other occasions where time allows for an in-depth presentation of Y’s Men International and its activities.

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Am I an Active Member?

Being an active club member is an integral part of the commitment you made to our service organisation when you joined.

This presentation aims to help you reflect on the different ways in which you can engage positively and in turn help others to do the same.

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Introduction to Leadership

Effective Leadership

How do we build a strong and vibrant club and movement?

Building a strong and vibrant YMI relies on your ability to provide effective leadership, oversight and focus on the ‘big picture”.

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CPE Institute

The CPE Institute represents an innovative training forum designed specifically for leaders at the club level. Our mission is to invigorate and prepare the next generation of club presidents, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

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Leadership Roles

Club President

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District Governor

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Regional Director

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Area President

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Service Director

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International Council Member

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GOLD 2.0

Golden Opportunities for Leadership Development

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