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As we rapidly approach our centennial, it is important to look toward the future of our organisation.

There is a well-known saying:

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

What do people say about your club today? As emotive creatures, we pay particular attention to our connections and communications with other people. Now, imagine what your club members say about their club life experience. And what the people in the community might say about your service activities. These are all components of defining your club brand.  How many times have you said that you ‘loved’ a product or brand? Branding isn’t just about a name or logo. It embodies the personality of the business; it speaks volumes about who you are and where you are going. It gives people a reason to join and a reason to stay.

We must remember that in building the YMI brand we are looking for a formula to inspire new, younger adherents, while also honouring the current, older-generation, club members. It’s obviously not a simple task but not one that is insurmountable with the right cooperation, evaluation, and planning. A first step is to motivate the international spirit of the movement, re-engaging interest and pride in belonging to a global community without detracting from local identity and the individualised work done at home.

Five considerations have been identified to assist in reaching our shared objective to become a globally recognised service organisation promoting cultural understanding and subsequently fellowship and world peace:

  1. Relevance
  2. Flexibility
  3. Cooperation
  4. Promotion
  5. Outcome


  • Establish a campaign, allowing for flexibility in activities, project scale, timing and implementation.


  • Work with other NGOs, the public and private sectors to increase impact and visibility.
  • Encourage sponsorship.
  • Coordinate events around globally recognised observation days (eg. World Malaria Day) for better response.


  • Advertise the campaign adhering to the YMI Communication Style Guide.
  • Invite the public to join special events and activities.
  • Wear properly branded YMI merchandise.
  • Encourage friendly competition.


  • Be transparent.
  • Publish results with pictures and testimonials.
  • Invite interviews and media coverage.
  • Use a completed campaign as the starting point for a next endeavour building upon feedback, results and keeping the momentum.

A flyer has been produced highlighting the five key considerations – Relevance, Flexibility, Cooperation, Promotion & Outcome

Style Guide

Our concept has been developed to harmonise our brand across all programme areas and audiences. From now on this concept forms the basis of all our external and internal communication. And we can all contribute to its success.

Naturally a strong brand needs a strong, distinctive and consistent corporate design. That is why we have developed this Communication Style Guide. It defines and illustrates how we present our brand and company. It includes guidelines for the banner mark, colour usage, typeface and layout grids. Our written tone of voice and image style are also covered. Essentially, the document is a tool for ensuring consistent communication. By staying true to it we will create and maintain a clear and distinct visual identity.

Building a strong brand involves all of us. A brand encapsulates everything an organisation is and does. This is why building a strong YMI brand involves all of us. It should be incorporated into the way we work and especially the way we communicate our organisation. Let’s all pull together to bring our club members what they want and what we deliver best.

Vector Logos

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