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All payments to Y’s Men International must be accompanied by an invoice issued by IHQ.

If the amount to be sent has not been invoiced, request one using the link below.

Payment Methods

There are several ways to transfer payments and contributions to the International Headquarters:

  • Bank transfer (preferred)
  • Cheque
  • Credit card

Bank Transfer

The preferred method for payments and contributions to the International Headquarters is bank transfer.

In addition to the wire transfer services offered by your bank, you may also consider one of the many online money transfer services offered by companies such as Wise or Revolut as a cheaper alternative.

Payment Instructions

To transfer payment to IHQ, click below to request an invoice. Transfer instructions will be provided.

Credit Card

For credit card you will be redirected to our PayPal payment facility.

Note: International Headquarters incurs significant transaction costs with credit card payments, and bank transfer is preferred.

Membership Dues & New Club Charter Fees

Payment of semester membership dues and new club charter fees. Suited to clubs that pay dues directly to IHQ.

Payments for Week4Waste waistcoats can also be made using this facility.

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Endowment Fund Contributions

Submit a Golden Book Tribute or become a Paul William Alexander Fellow/Double Fellow, Honour Roll Member/Club, or Endowment Friend.

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Honorary Membership Dues

Approved individuals, clubs, YMCAs, philanthropic organisations, corporations and other entities that make a donation of US $2,500 may be admitted to the Honorary Members Club.

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Paul William Alexander Legacy Fund Contributions

The collective effort to honour the founder of Y’s Men International in the lead up to the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2022.

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Programme Contributions

Donate your chosen amount to the Alexander Scholarship Fund, Building Fellowship, Environmental Project Fund, Roll Back Malaria Fund, Time of Fast Fund or Youth Fund.

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