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What it means to be a member

In joining an affiliated club, you are told about the leadership development, service to the YMCA and community and social activities that this organisation strives to provide.

Our purpose finds expression in all that we do, for in it we say that:

“The International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs is a worldwide fellowship of persons of all faiths working together in mutual respect and affection, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and with a a common loyalty to the Young Men’s Christian Association, striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.’

You are joining a club which works, thinks and plays in an atmosphere of SERVICE IN ACTION….. Yes, it means something to be a club member — at least five things:

First, it means to be an idealist. Unselfishness is a character that is most important as a member of YMI.

Second, it means to be loyal to the YMCA. It is an association of persons with the belief that individual effort can help to change the world. Service to youth is a prime concern.

Third, it means to be world minded. Around the world, YMI club members are working quietly and earnestly towards a goal of international and interracial justice for all people.

Fourth, it means “to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right”. Our motto is a constant challenge to us to pay less attention to the protection of our rights and more heed to the discovery and discharge of their corresponding duties.

Fifth, it means to be enthusiastically active. A club member gives time and energy to the serious work of the club.

You are now entitled to wear the emblem of YMI. This emblem consists first of a red triangle, the symbol long employed by the YMCA to denote its threefold programme of spirit, mind and body building. In the upper border of the triangle appears the word “International,” indicative of the scope of our purposes. Within the triangle a golden star sheds rays of light on a blue “Y.” This star symbolises the Star of Bethlehem. Just as that star served as a guide to the Wise Men of the East, so shall this golden star, which also represents the ideals of our club, serve as a constant guide to the club members of today and lead them to a true realisation of the nobility of unselfish service.

Y’s Men, Y’s Women & Y Service  — clubs which work, think and play in an atmosphere of SERVICE IN ACTION. A worldwide fellowship in which action speaks louder than words.