Alf Reynolds Award

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This award is named after an active and dedicated member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Sydney (Nova Scotia, Canada) who served as District Governor, Regional Director and Chairman of the International Finance Committee and was also Regional Secretary for many years. Alf Reynolds died in 1960.

The Alf Reynolds Award is a banner patch given to clubs reaching a minimum amount of contributions per member as per membership on 1 August. Five different patches are presented based on the average contribution per member:

  • 1st level CHF 5.00 per member (minimum CHF 75.00 per club)
  • 2nd level CHF 10.00 per member (minimum CHF 150.00 per club)
  • 3rd level CHF 25.00 per member (minimum CHF 375.00 per club)
  • 4th level CHF 50.00 per member (minimum CHF 750.00 per club)
  • 5th level CHF 100.00 per member (minimum CHF 1,500.00 per club)

The home club of a Building Fellowship delegate shall be an Alf Reynolds Award winner the preceding year (BF Policy 8.2.3).