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1. Purpose of YES

To give clubs and individuals the opportunity to contribute to Extension of Y’s Men International for immediate use.

Funds available from YES are to be used solely for Extension as defined hereafter;

Extension in existing clubs to increase member numbers,
Extension through new clubs in countries and other geographical areas where Y’s Men already are existing
Extension through new clubs in geographical territories with no Y’s Men’s Clubs

2. Guidelines for contributing to YES and awards from YES

Members and clubs are challenged to donate to YES.
It is expected that all clubs contribute with a minimum of 2 CHF per member per year
10% of surplus of YMI Operating Account is allocated to YES each year.

2.1. Awards for contribution to YES

Type of awards:

  • Gold YES Award
  • Silver YES Award
  • Bronze YES Award
    A club or a member can only receive one award per year.

Who shall receive awards?

Clubs which donate

  • 10-24 CHF per member within a fiscal Y’s Men’s Year shall receive a YES Bronze Award.25-49 CHF per member within a fiscal Y’s Men’s Year shall receive a YES Silver Award.
  • 50 CHF per member within a fiscal Y’s Men’s Year shall receive a YES Gold Award.
    Individual members who donate more than 250 CHF in one year shall receive a “YES gold award”.

Administration of YES awards:

  • It shall be the responsibility of the ISD to produce and issue awards each year.
  • IHQ shall advise the ISD YES as to recipients of awards and the level of contribution.
  • Personal YES Gold Awards shall be sent from IHQ directly to the donor.
  • Awards given to clubs shall be sent from IHQ to RD or RSD for YES for distribution to clubs. IHQ may delegate this task to ISD for YES, if he/she accepts the task.

3. Guidelines for “International YES”

3.1. Distribution of funds

The basis for calculation is total contribution to YES from all sources:

  • 2/3 of total income to YES (called “2/3 portion”) shall be returned to the Areas, based on each Area’s contribution.
  • 1/3 of total income to YES (called “1/3 portion”) shall be available for distribution to those who are eligible to apply to YES (see 3.2.). Applications shall be in the hands of IHQ before 31 December each year.

3.2. Who is eligible to apply for amounts from the 1/3 portion?

  • Area Councils through AP (on behalf of the Area, Regions, Districts and Clubs).
  • ISD YES on behalf of the ISD Extension and ISD PR. Amount shall be used under supervision of ISD YES for promotional material for YES and General Extension PR Material. ISD YES shall cooperate with ISD Extension and ISD PR on the use of these amounts.

3.3 Procedure for allocation of funds from YES

  • Cost of producing awards shall be covered by YES.
  • ISD YES and IT shall submit a proposal to MYM, regarding the 1/3 proportion, recommending the amounts to be distributed directly to Areas.
  • ISD and IT shall submit a proposal to MYM regarding the 1/3 proportion, recommending amounts to be distributed to other applicants.
  • MYM shall ensure that all proposals comply with ‘Expenditure Guidelines’ as outlined below.
  • MYM shall be authorised to allocate monies for distribution and expenditure within the YES framework, and shall report to ICM on the action taken.

4. Guidelines for “Area YES”

Each Area shall appoint an Area Service Director for YES and include in their Constitution and Guidelines a provision for the Area Service Director for YES. Such Guidelines shall also be binding for Regions, Districts and Clubs within the Area.

Area Service Director for YES may also serve as Area Service Director for Extension. The Area Service Director for YES shall be totally responsible for the implementation of the YES guidelines including the provision of evaluation and completion reports.

4.1. Distribution of funds

Funds once allocated shall be administered by the Area Treasurer in accordance with the proposal(s) submitted by the Area, Region(s), District(s), or Club(s) and approved by MYM. Area Treasurers shall identify all YES monies as a separate line item in the Area Budget.

All applications from Region(s), District(s), and Club(s) shall be submitted to the Area Service Director for YES (or Extension).

ASD for YES (formally responsible) and ASD for Extension shall submit to the Area Council all eligible applications for funding with recommendations.

It shall be the responsibility of the Area President, Area Treasurer, ASD for YES and ASD for Extension to ensure that the projects are carried out in accordance with the original submission.

All applicants shall be advised of the Area Council’s decisions.

Following ACM approval of requests, funds shall be paid 1/3 upon approval, 1/3 after the first six months and upon receipt of an interim report, 1/3 at the end of the year and after receipt of final report.

Applicants who do not deliver an evaluation and/or completion report on previous YES projects, shall NOT be eligible to apply for another grant for a period of one (1) year.

5. Guidelines for expenditures

Monies from the YES Fund shall only be used for extension as outlined in the application and shall be used solely for costs of promotion material, travel and accommodation for Extension Service Directors or other members specifically appointed to fulfil the requirements of the application.

YES money shall not be used for computer equipment, printers and the like.

Applications/requests and interim reports shall contain:

a) Definition of the aspects of the proposals and expected outcomes.

b) A plan with timetable.

c) Complete description (budget) of proposed use of funds.

d) Details of expenditures such as travel costs, promotional materials, etc.

e) Estimates of benefits anticipated (i.e. number of new members, number of new clubs).

6. Guidelines for follow up

Evaluation and completion reports shall contain:

a) Outcomes of the activities (i.e. number of new members, number of new clubs).

b) How the results have been achieved.

c) How sustainability will be ensured and expected activities and cost for that.

d) How funds have been used (a budget follow up), including details of expenditures.

If a Region can prove sustainability in previous extension work (for example that newly chartered clubs have existed for more than one year) the Area shall give priority to that Region when considering new applications. In the event that a newly chartered club fails within one (1) calendar year of its charter that Region can expect a reduction in future funding.