YMI World 2 – 2022/23

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YMI World 2 – 2022/23

On behalf of YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, we are pleased to announce that the second edition of YMI World for 2022/23 is now available. This edition’s fabulous cover features club members from Taiwan atop Mount Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan, holding the centennial banner in anticipation of the upcoming event in Taipei in March 2023.

Inside this issue, together with the usual news from around the Areas, YMI pays hommage to PIP Benson Wabule, who sadly passed away in October, and we celebrate Ballantyne Award Winner Mrs Debbie Redmond, and also Mr Murray Dunbar who sat with his local newspaper to discuss his 50 years as a club member. Several pages are also dedicated to the climate emergency, the YMI Environment Protection Fund, and why more work must be done now.

You’ll enjoy this brilliant edition that covers a wide range of topics from all corners of the movement.

Have you told your club’s story? Contact the editor through the form on the YMI World webpage to submit your articles and photos. The deadline for the next edition is 30 November.