About 90% of local club support stays in the local community - either through support to the local YMCA or through direct community support (most often a combination of the two). Annually, such support is estimated at close to US$ 4 million - plus numerous hours of volunteer service work.

Alexander Scholarship Fund
Supporting training of YMCA Staff.
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Endowment Fund
Providing financial aid and stability for present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.
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Brotherhood Fund
Allowing travel of members to visit members in other countries.
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International Brother Clubs
Joining in partnership clubs located in different countries for their mutual benefit and better understanding.
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Christian Emphasis
Implementing and emphasising the Christian emphasis of YMI.
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Y's Extension Support
Giving clubs and individuals the opportunity to contribute funds towards extension activities.
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Community Service
Providing service as an independent international service organisation serving the YMCA and the community.
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