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The Paul William Alexander Legacy Project is a collective effort to honour the founder of Y’s Men International in the lead up to the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2022. In addition to commemorating our origin, the collection of projects aim to consolidate a unified future, strengthening international solidarity and club members’ commitment to the vision of Paul William Alexander.


Will you help honour our founder? Will you join us in taking a bold step towards creating a unified and exciting future? Do you believe in our collective mission? Are you committed to its fulfilment? Will you strengthen our international solidarity so that our Vision is realised? What will be your legacy?

Be the spirit of the Y’s Men

The Projects

As we approach the centennial celebrations of our organisation, we recognising the founder of Y’s Men International, Judge Paul William Alexander, through a series of special projects.

Reward Tiers

All club members and friends of Y’s Men International are invited to support the project with a minimum total voluntary contribution of USD 30. All contributions above USD 30 are recognised according to the corresponding Reward Tiers.


Centenary Pin

Africa Area
Y’s Men’s Club of Coimbatore (India)
Dunbar, Murray (Canada)
Grindheim, Henry (Norway)
Jones, Jennifer (Australia)
Lauridsen, Ulrik (Denmark)
Lee, Hye-sook (South Korea)
Lee, Myung-hee (South Korea)
Mathew, Susy (India)
Mathews, Koshy (India)
Muller, Sonja (Brazil)
Samuel, K.C. (India)
Tanaka, Hiroyuki (Japan)
Thankachan, V.A. (India)
Varghese, Jose (India)

Golden Star Award

Chiang Mai YMCA (Thailand)
Jones, Jennifer & Russell (Australia)
Nishimura, Takao (Japan)
Redmond, Charley (United States)
Redmond, Debbie (United States)

Founder Legacy Award

Kim Sang-chae (South Korea)
Moon Sang-bong (South Korea)

Centenary Award

Judge Paul William Alexander Centenary Award