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The 100-year anniversary celebration for Y’s Men International is scheduled for 10-12 March 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei, located next to the famous Taipei 101.

New Dates

The International Centennial Celebration has been postponed until
10-12 March 2023

(Original date: 15-17 November 2022)



Early bird registration fee (closing date to be confirmed)
USD 420

See the event website for accommodation options

RBM Golf Tournament

Optional event
9 March 2023 @ 8:00 am
USD 150

15-17 November

A date etched in history

The International Centennial Celebration event was originally scheduled for 15-17 November 2022

The event has been postponed until 10-12 March 2023

One hundred years earlier, from 15-17 November 1922, in Atlantic City, New Jersey (USA), the International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs was founded and Paul William Alexander from Toledo, Ohio was installed as the first International President in Atlantic City, New Jersey (USA).

The story of our journey from Atlantic City to Taipei City is a powerful one made possible only through the collective determination and passion of our members. Beginning as a luncheon club in North America, we have grown into an international fellowship of clubs built on a unique set of values that are reflected in our vision and mission. YMI is synonymous with selfless service and sacrificial giving. We have touched and lifted the lives of thousands of people by acknowledging it as our duty. YMI bears witness to the ability of ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact in their own lives and in the lives of others through volunteer service. We have demonstrated the power of partnership and honoured our heritage by providing ongoing support to the YMCA, and the multitude of independent community impact projects that showcase the true nature of YMI, providing its identity and strength.

By combining experience with new ideas, we can build upon this identity and evolve into a thriving organisation that will be attractive to a new generation of global citizens working for an equitable and sustainable world.

Taipei is a modern and innovative city, a fitting location to inaugurate the next phase of our organisation. Let’s meet in Taipei, Taiwan to celebrate and start the journey of our next 100 years together!