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Operational Plan to meet the Goals for Towards 2022 and BEYOND

In 2022 our organisation will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Being a club member during this historic period is a great privilege – but one that comes with increased responsibility. Although our centennial is certainly a time to look backward in honour of our founder and our past accomplishments, it is more importantly a time to look forward. We have been given a wonderful legacy, but what will we pass on? It is our urgent duty to decide the architecture of our future and to lay its foundation. Together, we must build the relevance of our movement and increase our service so that the next generation of Y’s Men members inherit something solid and significant on which to construct their own history.

Challenge 22 is the operational plan to strengthen our movement, which includes strategic steps for expansion to 50,000 club members in 3,000 clubs and 100 countries by 2022. Challenge 22 commits every club member to working collectively for the common good and future of our great international movement. If we are to reach the outlined goals everyone must be enthused and engaged. This is where we need your assistance.

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