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Geneva, 22 April 2020

Recognising the global health implications of the coronavirus pandemic and its far-reaching health, economic and social repercussions, an extraordinary small matching-funds grant programme was created by Y’s Men International, jointly with Area Korea. Established as a gesture of international solidarity in recognition of the community-level engagement and action being taken to help the most vulnerable in this period of crisis and to prevent further transmission of the virus, subsidies for 21 projects were approved.

Police approval of a handwashing installation sponsored by the Y′s Men′s Club of Cannanore Metro


  1.  Y Service Club South Rowan (USA, South Atlantic Region) Assisting in food delivery to local seniors through the local “Meals on Wheels” programme and donating financially to the United Way’s national effort to combat food insecurity, help with medical expenses, and support other nonprofits struggling because of the lockdown restrictions. More than 100 persons are expected benefit either directly or indirectly.
  2. Y’s Men and Women’s Club Hilo (USA, Hawaii Region) Supporting the Island of Hawaii YMCA – Day Camp’s programme for lower-income essential workers in urgent need of affordable daycare by contributing to camp staff salaries and participant scholarships. The primary beneficiaries are children whose parent(s) are healthcare workers engaged in treating COVID-19 patients.
  3. Y’s Men’s Club of Cannanore Metro (IND, West India Region) Engaging in the country’s official “Break the Chain” campaign to limit virus transmission with actions such as the installation of public handwashing facilities near a local bus stop including billboard of public service information about important personal protective measures to adopt. In a high-traffic, metropolitan area, the number of people directly impacted by the work of YMC Cannanore Metro is expected to exceed 100.
  4. Y’s Men’s Club of RAHA Philippines (ASP, Philippines Region) Purchasing and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Suits to frontline healthcare workers (doctors, nurses) who do not have access to appropriate protective gear through official, approved channels. The target is 1 000 suits.
  5. Y’s Men’s Club of Bangkok (ASP, Southeast Asia Region) Distributing approximately 10 000 cloth face masks to residents of two refugee camps at high-risk of infection because of their particular living conditions.
  6. Y Service Club of Lumbini (ASP, Southeast Asia Region) Conducting an awareness campaign that includes the distribution of relative literature, as well as providing essential food and protective items (like sanitizer) to low-income families and the disabled. The action is expected to directly impact more than 100 poor people, particularly affected by the lockdown conditions.
  7. Y’s Men Club of Alakode (IND, West India Region) Supplying basic food items and washing soap to around 50 poor people during the lockdown.
  8. Region Maritimes (CAC) Contributing essential food items to four food banks in the Region and supporting YMCAs offering shelter and daycare services. An estimated 50 to 100 persons are expected to benefit directly.
  9. Region Caribbean (CAC) Conducting an extensive awareness campaign, including videos and translation in local dialects using social media to reach an estimated 8 000 persons, as well as distributing water to 10 families in the parish of Manchester (Jamaica) which has no natural water source.
  10. Region Mideast (USA) Providing meals for more than 100 school-age children from low-income households in Toledo, Ohio – administered by the Toledo YMCA in conjunction with Toledo Central Y’s Men’s Club, the United Way, and JCC.
  11. Region Hawaii (USA) Providing financial support for YMCA Honolulu’s daycare programmes for children of essential workers. Between 50 and 100 lower-income families requiring childcare due their engagement as key workers during the COVID-19 crisis are expected to benefit.
  12. Y Service Club of Whittier A.M. (USA, Pacific Southwest Region) Giving money to local YMCAs in Whittier, California ( working on a reduced income due to the forced closures of their regular gym and exercise activities) to support supplying breakfasts, lunches and weekend food kits to more than 100 lower-income families, focusing on replacing meals usually provided through the public schools (now closed).
  13. Y’s Men Club of Chemperi Town (IND, West India Region) Delivering food and water to orphanages, tribal colonies and general poor; installing public handwashing facilities according to the government’s “Break the Chain” campaign; supporting the medical community by providing patient transport using the club’s two ambulances; and supplying two high-power fogging machines to local fire/rescue teams for disinfecting purposes to the benefit of more than 100 persons.
  14. Y’s Men’s Club of Taliparamba (IND, West India Region) Purchasing and delivering food and clothing items to more than 100 homeless persons in Taliparamba city using the support of local government initiatives.
  15. Y’s Men’s Club of Kakkenchal (IND, West India Region) Purchasing and distributing 1 000 face masks to general public, sanitisers to government offices, speed breaker boards to police stations, food items to community kitchens and food kits for widows, children and tribal peoples.
  16. Y’s Men’s Club of Pananchery Town (IND, West India Region) Purchasing and distributing sanitiser, hand wash and facemasks in Pananchery Grama Panchayat of Thrissur District benefiting more than 100 health workers, police and COVID-19 volunteers.
  17. Y’s Men’s Club of Peechi (IND, West India Region) Distributing meals for more than 100 doctors, staff and PG students at the Government District Hospital Thrissur.
  18. Y’s Men’s Club of Mumbai (IND, South India Region) Purchasing and distributing grains and non-perishable foods to more than 100 migrant communities and daily wage workers.
  19. Region South West India (IND) Purchasing and distributing five nebulisation units, 12 000 disposable face masks and 240 N95 masks to health care workers and organisations in the various Districts, reaching more than 100 persons – primarily medical service providers at various levels.
  20. Y Service Club of Ottawa (CAC, Central & Western Canada Region) Supplying items such as face masks and children’s toys/games to the more than 100 residents of the National Capital Region YM-YWCA Shelter (the only one still operating during the COVID-19 crisis).
  21. Y’s Men’s Club of Sreekandapuram (IND, West India Region) Supplying essential food items and water to local police stations and through community kitchens within the municipality, distributing COVID-19 educational material to places of worship and other locations.