IP News – November 2022

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IP News – November 2022

Welcome to the November IP NEWS

November is my Emphasis Month for the Building Fellowship (BF) programme and our 100 Year Celebration.

In this edition of IP News, I am pleased to share an update from Host Committee Chairperson, AP Charming Shen, on the planning for the 100th-anniversary celebration event in Taipei – YMI 100 – which is now scheduled for 10-12 March 2023.

‘Building Fellowship’ is the new name for ‘Brotherhood Fund’. Although the name changed in 2022, the purpose of the fund remains the same, namely to build fellowship among club members and inspire leadership in the YMI movement. With support from IHQ, YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, and ISD-BF Joseph Kanjamala, you’ll find all you need to learn more about the history, objectives, and ways to be involved in this iconic YMI programme.

Just prior to publication, I received the sad news that Past International President Benson Wabule had passed away. Part of this edition has also been dedicated to expressing our condolences and upholding the family in our prayers. YMI will certainly miss this great leader.

Dr K. C. Samuel
International President 2022/23