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EBBA Concept

Membership growth is a key objective in the Challenge 22 Operational Plan. The Extension Beyond Borders Award (EBBA) is an international award that recognises and motivates clubs and individuals for their initiative and efforts to extend YMI beyond their borders, to other countries and territories.

The Y Service Club of Bujumbura in Burundi was chartered in May 2021. The club was sponsored by the Y Service Club of Ottawa, Canada.


The club initiating the new charter is known as the ‘promoter’.

The promoter may be the sponsor of the club but this is not a requirement. It may be appropriate that a local club acts as the sponsor club, sometimes in conjunction with the promoter, to provide nearby support and mentorship.

The following criteria apply:

  • The new club is located outside the promoter’s home country or territory.
    • For example, a member from Denmark who successfully supports the charter of a new club in Germany.
  • The promoter, together with the sponsoring club, supports the new club by facilitating:
    • Regular member training
    • Establishment of community service programmes
    • Timely payment of all requested dues obligations


  • The award is presented annually to eligible clubs and individuals who have initiated the chartering of new clubs beyond their borders.


  • Eligible clubs will be assessed by the International President, International Secretary General and ISD for Extension & Membership Conservation.

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