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In 2016, the world produced over 2 billion tonnes of solid waste, and this is only increasing as the human population continues to climb. If nothing is done, our society’s garbage production is expected to reach 3.4 billion tonnes annually by 2050.

To help address this alarming issue, in 2020/21 Y’s Men International introduces its Week4Waste campaign which will be coordinated through the corresponding Task Force chaired by PAP Area Europe, Ulrik Lauridsen. To actively participate in the campaign, clubs should conduct at least one “clean-up” activity in their community during the year – for example, meeting to pick up trash left at a local park or beach. Multiple programmes and actions are encouraged, as well as cooperation with other NGOs or like-minded organisations. Consider coordinating and publicising your events through the Great Global Clean Up Programme. Our goal is to have maximum impact and maximum visibility! Activities should culminate in the week of 18 – 25 April 2021, which has been specifically selected because of the several international environmental protection actions and observations during that period, including Earth Day on 22 April.

Message from Task Force Chairperson

Mr Ulrik Lauridsen

During the year and as an additional component of the campaign, we encourage our club members to personally evaluate their consumption practices, to consciously recycle and repurpose or donate to charities used items instead of throwing them away. This is our constant duty as an environmentally responsible organisation committed to the sustainable and intelligent use of all our natural resources, as well as to the protection of our planet’s many and unique habitats and ecosystems.

Let’s keep our world clean and healthy!