Heal the World Guidelines

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Implementing Rules and Guidelines


  • To make it the collective mission of our organisation to “Heal the World” with
    love, compassion, and kindness ― strengthening and expanding our ministryof
    service based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as laid out in our mission
  • To increase our response to and support of the needy in a world indelibly
    impacted and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To also increase awareness and understanding of our movement, extending
    our sphere of influence and exponentially scaling up our impact.


  • To achieve our purpose by engaging as a cohesive group with both financial
    and human resources, as well as with strategic, coordinated action.


Projects shall be sponsored/coordinated by a Y’s Men club, District, Region or Area.
Cooperation with the YMCA and/or other internationally recognised NGOs and agencies is

The following categories of projects fall within the framework of the Heal the World
Unified Global Project (UGP):

  • SUPPLY OF RELIEF GOODS/SERVICES: Providing essential relief goods and
    services during disasters and special emergencies.
  • VOLUNTEER SUPPORT: Providing volunteer service for building or rebuilding
    houses and community assets locally and beyond borders.
  • MEDICAL AND HEALTH CARE SUPPORT: Providing support for medical
    treatments and basic health and hygiene services in low-income communities around
    the world.

HTW category projects, meeting all application criteria, will be given precedence and
prioritised for funding.


Funding for HTW will come from Y’s Men clubs, club members, the YMCA, other agencies
and independent, special benefactors through the existing TOF fund, as well as a special
HTW account.

Emergency Call for Funding Support

When money is being requested to address an urgent crisis or disaster and the standard TOF
procedure cannot be respected due to time constraints, a written request should be sent to
the IEOs with a copy to the ISG outlining the situation and the project proposal.

Emergency funding will be:

  • Decided by the IEOs
  • Funded through the special HTW Fund
  • Be offered to applicants able to show proof of funds already collected equivalent to the amount being requested.

Regular Application for Funding Support

  • HTW applications will be submitted and processed via an adapted online TOF
    application form
  • HTW applications should meet all existing TOF criteria
  • HTW applications must clearly demonstrate that they have secured all other funding
    necessary for the proper implementation of the proposed project
  • HTW applications must clearly outline how the project will be organised and monitored

Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Local, individual HTW projects will be implemented, monitored, and evaluated in the
    same manner as other TOF projects.
  • International service missions will involve, as needed, YMI and external volunteers
    who are members of a special HTW network of retired and active professionals
    committed to actively supporting the HTW purpose, acting together with high
    expertise for social transformation.