Annual Community Service Awards

Motion 7 from ICM 2019 unanimously introduced “an annual award for outstanding achievements in Community Service.”

There are two categories of awards:

  • Independent
    • for community service coordinated and executed by a single club
  • Collective
    • for community service involving multiple clubs at the District, Region or Area level.

Applications must:

  1. Include at least one photo or video of the community service project in progress
  2. Represent one project or activity
  3. Directly assist or serve a marginalised population
  4. Be coordinated and executed primarily by the applicant
  5. Count at least 20 or more direct beneficiaries
  6. Involve at least 20% of the implementing club members in some capacity

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the IEOs with the cooperation of the ISD Community Service between 15 June and 30 June each year. Results will be announced in conjunction with ICM.


Apply as a club, District, Region or Area

Award Types

  • One award for best Community Service by a club – Independent
  • One award for best Community Service by a group of clubs – Collective


Apply before 15 June

Application Form