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Provide an Internship Opportunity

  • iGo internships are sourced through YMCA national associations or local movements, as well as through YMI affiliated club members who own or operate business enterprises.
  • A YMCA with an associated Y’s Men club is a preferential provider. Where possible interns shall interact and participate in the activities of a local YMI affiliated club.
  • Any YMCA or YMI affiliated club member prepared to offer a valuable learning experience in an equitable and positive work setting may ask to join the programme.
  • While remuneration of the intern is not expected, ideally indirect support will be provided in terms of subsidised (or partially subsidised) food and lodging.
  • Where possible, a home stay arrangement should be considered. Where lodging with a Y’s Men or YMCA family is not an option, an arrangement with a YMCA hotel or hostel is a second-best option. An intern shall also be given the option to make their own housing arrangements.
  • While internship parameters are flexible, conditions should provide sufficient free time for casual cultural exchange, exploration and leisure.
  • The administration of the application process will be handled primarily by an assigned YMI Committee which will include volunteer members with YMCA affiliations.
  • The internship provider will be involved in the final selection of the candidate and programme coordination with the selected participant.

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