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‘Golden Opportunities for Leadership Development’

Welcome to the GOLD 2.0 programme!

GOLD 2.0 offers a process which can make leadership development new and exciting as well as a lot of fun.

By working together in small online or face to face groups, enjoy a new opportunity to have fellowship, to strengthen personal bonds and to have some fun, while practicing and sharing your leadership skills and learning new ones.

  • Gain knowledge, skills and confidence helping you achieve goals in your personal, educational and professional life while practicing and improving the skills you already possess. You can also earn recognition that can be added to your personal résumé as you prepare to become a leader within the movement.
  • Become more effective and successful in your service to others and use your skills and knowledge to ensure that our movement continues to grow in its service.
  • Make new friends around the world as you work through the activities together in online sessions.
  • Prepare to take on additional leadership roles at any level of the organisation. This could include leading and training others, as a role model and inspiration to others.

Enjoy an engaging, interactive online learning process with youth from other countries.

Participate in worthwhile, interesting and rewarding learning experiences that encourage team building.

Make new friends from around the world.

Improve your English language skills in a supportive group process.


There are currently 15 possible modules available, covering 7 broad themes so that there is something of value for everyone.

Module topics

Orientation 101 and 102

  • Set out an orientation programme for new members using the GOLD 2.0 PowerPoint, Introduction to YMI/YSI ,and activities that foster team work and sharing.

Presentation skills

  • Improve your skill level in producing and delivering presentations to others. There are four short PowerPoints broken up with learning activities, worksheets and references for future use.

Communication skills 101, 102 and 103

  • How are your communication skills? Would you like to improve your confidence and prepare more effective ways to communicate within your club or Region? There are three modules, each dealing with more and more complex communication problems. Set up a Regional workshop on Communication for members getting ready to take on leadership roles.

Decision Making skills

  • Decision making within a group can be difficult and you want end up with a decision that everyone can support. We have several ideas to share that will add to your skill level. If one approach does not work, there are alternatives you can try.

Facilitation skills 101, 102 and 103

  • At some point, every leader is asked to facilitate or lead discussions about current and future actions that we need to take to maintain a properly functioning club. Check out the varied options that you might not have heard about! There is a PowerPoint for each module.

Problem Solving skills

  • Problem solving skills are always needed to overcome problems and turn them into opportunities for growth and success. You can never have too many ideas from which to choose.

Goal Setting skills

  • Setting appropriate goals is crucial to your leadership success, making sure your club is truly able to live out our International Mission. You may also have some additional ideas we can add to our GOLD 2.0 knowledge bank in this and other areas.

Motivational skills 101,102 and 103

  • Finally, keeping our current members is a lot easier to do than be in the recruiting mode all the time. So why not learn the various techniques your club can introduce to motivate and support you members.

Other GOLD 2.0 Resources

Selected learning activities, PowerPoints and reference appendices have been compiled for use in club meetings and training sessions.

  1. GOLD 2.0 PowerPoints
    • An Introduction to YMI/YSI in four parts.
    • Presentation Skills module – four in total, 1 per unit.
    • Facilitation Skills – three modules, 101,102 and 103, with 3 PowerPoints.
  2. GOLDEN Moments
    • Presentation Skills with three short PowerPoints and three activities.
    • Communication Skills with six activities.
    • Decision Making Skills with five activities.
    • Motivation Skills focussed on five key areas for keeping your members involved.
  3. “How To” tip sheets
    • 30 topics covered with suggestions for what to do.
  4. GOLD 2.0 Reference appendices
    • Offers 34 ideas for use in improving your club’s operation and leadership development programme.


If you are interested in the GOLD 2.0 programme or would like more information, please contact:

David Hall
International Service Director – GOLD 2.0

Introduction & Manual

Manual Appendices

Golden Moments

“How To” Tip Sheets

Reference Appendices