YMI World 1 – 2022/23

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YMI World 1 – 2022/23

On behalf of YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, we are pleased to announce that the first edition of YMI World for 2022/23 is now available. The cover features members from the Y’s Men’s Club of Ekaterinburg (Russia) who celebrated the 100th anniversary of Y’s Men International by going on a city tour in a special YMI tram, recalling the history of the city and having fun singing songs and quizzing on YMI with plenty of coffee, cupcakes and chocolates.

Inside this issue, together with the usual news from around the Areas, the IP highlights the importance of friendship and fellowship within YMI, there’s a brief account of the International Council Meeting sessions in Denmark, and we learn more about our relationship with ECOSOC and the United Nations, and the history of the Towards 2022 and Beyond Task Force.

You’ll enjoy this brilliant edition that covers a wide range of topics from all corners of the movement.

Have you told your club’s story? Contact the editor through the form on the YMI World webpage to submit your articles and photos. The deadline for the next edition is 30 November.