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Youth World 84

Youth World 84

The latest edition of the Y's Youth publication, Youth World, is now available.

Y’s Men with the World

2021/22 International President

Dr Kim Sang-chae, International President for 2021/22, is from Gimhae, South Korea and a member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Gimhae Seven.

IP Kim Sang-chae


The Paul William Alexander Legacy Project is a collective effort to honour the founder of Y’s Men International in the lead up to the 100th anniversary celebrations in 2022.

PWA Legacy


The health and safety of our club members, staff and communities is our top priority.

Our COVID-19 Response

Our Programmes

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Alexander Scholarship Fund" title="Alexander Scholarship Fund">

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Supporting training of YMCA Staff.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Endowment Fund" title="Endowment Fund">

Endowment Fund

Providing financial aid and stability for present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Brotherhood Fund" title="Brotherhood Fund">

Brotherhood Fund

Allowing travel of members to visit members in other countries.

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