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Administrative Officers

The Administrative Officers are the International President, International President-Elect, Immediate Past International President, International Treasurer and the Area Presidents.

Click here for a list of Legislative Officers (International Council Members)

The International President-Elect and International Treasurer-Elect are elected by the clubs duly chartered and with voting privileges on international issues. The candidate receiving the highest number of ballots returned by the clubs is elected. Each club has one vote for each office. The election of the International President-Elect, International Treasurer-Elect and International Council Members is held at the same time.

The International President presides at all meetings of the International Council, oversees the work and activities of the Association and performs such other duties as usually pertain to that office. The International President-Elect, in the event of the absence or inability of the International President to perform his/her duties, performs the duties and has the same authority as the President.

The International Treasurer receives reports from the Secretary General of all funds deposited in and disbursed from accounts of the Association. He/she is responsible to see that accurate itemised accounts are kept and reported and performs all other duties usually pertaining to that office. The Treasurer reports to the President. In the event of the absence or inability of the International Treasurer to perform his/her duties and no International Treasurer Elect has been elected, the International President Elect performs the duties.

When reference is made to “The International Executive Officers” or “The IEOs” this means the International President, International President-Elect, Immediate Past International President and International Treasurer acting collectively.

International Executive Officers

International President

Mr A. Shanavaskhan (India)

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International President Elect


Immediate Past
International President

Mr Ulrik Lauridsen (Denmark)

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International Treasurer

Mr Erik Breum (Denmark)

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Area Presidents 2024/25

The Area Presidents are responsible for the coordination of the activities of the Regions in their Areas. Twice a year they report to the International President concerning the situation and development in their Area. The Area Presidents function through the Area Office related to their Area if one exists.

The Area Presidents are selected by a process determined by each Area.

Africa (2024-26)

Mr Beswell Mathew Mpempulwa

Asia Pacific (2024-25)

Ms Yan Yan (Joan) WONG
Hong Kong

Canada/Caribbean (2023-25)

Dr Sandra Hamilton

Europe (2024-25)

Mr Ådne Wesnes

India (2024-25)

Mr V.S. Radhakrishnan

Korea (2024-25)

Mr Park Jong-an
Republic of Korea

Latin America (2024-26)

Mrs Mery Castro de Guzman

USA (2023-25)

Mr Douglas Jones

United States