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The International Council comprises 15 elected members. Each Area is represented on the Council by at least one member and two seats are occupied by Young Members. No Area is entitled to more than three seats, excluding any seat held by a Young Member. The International Council normally meets once per year.

The International President presides at all meetings of the International Council but does not have a vote, except in the event of a tie vote when he/she casts the tie breaking vote. The International President-Elect, Immediate Past International President, Treasurer and Secretary General attend all meetings of the International Council, without vote. The World Alliance of YMCAs is entitled to nominate one official representative to the International Council. The representative serves on the International Council without vote for a period not exceeding four years.

All members elected to the International Council serve a two-year term of office, except those elected as Young Members who, after serving their term, may serve an additional term after attaining the age of 40 and providing a minimum period of five years has elapsed.

In 2017/18, Mr Jithin Joy Alappatt (India) and Mr Kim Byul (Korea) are serving as Young Members.

In 2018/19, Mr Thacis Thoumiyan Soundaram (Asia Pacific) and Mr Kim Byul (Korea) are serving as Young Members.


International Council Members 2019/20

Africa (2018-20)

Mr Sherif Awad Shoukry (Egypt)

Asia Pacific (2018-20)

Mr Hiroyuki Tanaka (Japan)

Asia Pacific (2018-20)

Mr Thacis Thoumiyan Soundaram (Sri Lanka)

Canada/Caribbean (2019-21)

Mr Murray Dunbar (Canada)

Europe (2018-20)

Mr Ulrik Lauridsen (Denmark)

Europe (2019-21)

Mr Bjarne Soenderskov (Denmark)

Europe (2018-20)

Mr Svein Rødset (Norway)

India (2018-20)

Mr T.M. Jose (India)

India (2018-20)

Mr K.C. Samuel (India)

India (2018-20)

Mr V.A. Thankachan (India)

Korea (2019-21)

Mr Hong Young-seung (Korea)

Korea (2018-20)

Mr Kim Sang-chae (Korea)

Latin America (2018-20)

Ms Sonja Marly Müller (Brazil)

USA (2019-21)

Ms Lauren Henry (USA)

USA (2019-21)

Mr Bobby Stivers-Apiki (USA)