Celebrating Champions of Change: Community Service Awards

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Celebrating Champions of Change: Community Service Awards

In the heart of every club lies the spirit of service. Every year, numerous applications for our Community Service Awards are reviewed and the commitment, energy, and passion of our club members worldwide is deeply moving. It is with immense pride and gratitude that this year’s award recipients are announced.

Independent Community Service Award

The honor for the independent category goes to Y’s Men’s Club of RAHA Philippines for their inspiring 10-year endeavor that has brought a sparkling smile to the faces of many. Their commitment to dental health and hygiene has illuminated the lives of over 100 underprivileged residents in Manila. With bi-annual dental camps, in collaboration with a Japanese NGO consisting of dedicated dentists and aspiring dentistry students, they have made significant strides in oral care. Their unwavering dedication reminds us that persistent efforts can bring about long-term change.

Collective Community Service Award

In the collective category, the Kenya District is awarded for their laudable Kavisi Primary School project. Executed with the combined efforts of the Y Service Club of Kitui and backed by four other enthusiastic clubs in Kenya, this initiative has proven that unity indeed leads to monumental accomplishments. Providing textbooks, desks, ensuring that school fees are covered, introducing a nourishing school lunch program, and fostering a literacy and student mentorship drive, this endeavor has touched the lives of more than 80 young souls in Kitui County. This project shines as a beacon of hope and determination, demonstrating the power of collective effort.

IP Special Recognition – Community Service Youth Initiative

In a heartening display of the enthusiasm of the younger generation, the Mid West India Region has bagged the an IP Special Recognition Award. Their remarkable initiative of setting up 12 special libraries, generously donating 12,000 books, and touching the lives of approximately 5,000 eager students in the region is truly commendable. The torchbearers of this project, the spirited Indian Y’s Youth and the children of YMI club members, exemplify that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference.

Warmest congratulations are extended to all the award recipients! Your endeavors are a testament to the fact that with dedication, unity, and purpose, bridges of hope and transformation can indeed be built.

To all the clubs and members globally, let these stories inspire you to dream bigger, act bolder, and serve with all your heart. Here’s to another year of making a difference, one community at a time!