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Celebration Ideas

Week of Celebration

1 – 8 May 2022

Celebrating at the Club Level

In 2022, Y’s Men International will have been in existence for 100 years.

Let it be a year of celebration, of sharing stories of our work, of introducing the world to our movement of global fellowship and service.

Celebratory events and activities will take place at the Regional, Area and International levels throughout the 2021/2022 year.

But we want the festivity to reach everyone. We want to create a global feeling of goodwill, shared pride and belonging. This is why we are encouraging your club to find ways to honour the historical milestone of our centennial in your community – ways that are not just fun, exciting and culturally relevant but which also pay tribute to our founding principles and the vision of Paul William Alexander.

We invite your club and all others around the world to conduct one or more celebration activities in the Week of Celebration from 1 – 8 May 2022.

This brochure is meant to be a source of inspiration for clubs to motivate them to celebrate 100 years of friendship and charity. It is our wish that every club in YMI be proud of what we have accomplished as an organisation thus far and be encouraged to continue our work into the future.

It is our hope that affiliated clubs everywhere will use this opportunity to show their local community and the world the character of our members and what we mean by the Spirit of Y’s Men.

Wherever we are in the world, we cannot have a celebration without a gathering of people ― be it large or small. Where there is a gathering, we have food that is appropriate to our cultural norm. Clubs will have the opportunity to share their celebrations in words and pictures on the special Facebook page, already established and ready to receive your


As it is our 100th year, we tried to find 100 suggestions on how your club might celebrate the occasion. We did not find 100, but maybe you and your club can find one we missed. If you do, please be sure to let us know your idea on the Facebook page!

We are always looking for ways to raise funds for our international movement, and we might see this celebration time as an opportunity to do that ― even though it might be nicer to receive than give on our birthday!

Our suggestions are written accordingly. The choice is yours.