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End of Year Message from ISG

Thank you to our outgoing leaders &
a warm welcome to our new leaders!

Dear Club Presidents and all Y’s leaders,

Greetings to you from the International Headquarters.

Today is the last day of the Y’s year 2022/23. Through this note, I wish to express the sincere gratitude of all IHQ staff to you for your leadership to our organisation and your support to YMI to deliver our mission.

We also welcome the new leaders who take up leadership positions at all levels of the organisation from 1 July 2023. We wish you all the best for a successful and meaningful leadership tenure.

This past year was marked by significant milestones in the history of YMI.

The International Council meeting held in Aarhus, Denmark, in conjunction with the YMCA World Council, fostered global collaboration and showcased the movement’s unity. Additionally, the 100th-anniversary celebrations at the YMCA World Council and the installation of the International President and International Executive Officers were monumental events that highlighted the rich history and legacy of YMI and formed the springboard to launch into the new century.

The Legacy Week Kick-off and the publication of “Celebrating Our Legacy”, a collection of 100 milestones, legends, and impacts, further emphasised the organization’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

The YMI 100 centennial celebration in Taiwan in March, featuring participation from all Areas, and including the installation of a new International President, symbolised the global reach and inclusivity of the movement.

Additionally, YMI demonstrated its dedication to social impact and our ongoing commitment to RBM by contributing US$ 100,000 to the Global Fund.

We have adopted Strategy 2032 as the way forward for our movement in the first decade of a new century for YMI and we are looking forward to the collective engagement of all leaders to achieve those goals to enhance our impact in the world.

The year also witnessed the establishment of a new IHQ office in Geneva, after 50 years of presence in the City of Peace, providing a modern and efficient workspace for YMI staff.

The 100-day membership campaign, production of a history video series, and various international events showcased the organisation’s commitment to growth, engagement, and celebrating its rich legacy. This year we have welcomed 83 new clubs to the YMI family from 7 Areas and the club membership in February is recorded as 24,235.

The 2022 International Youth Convocation held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was attended by delegates from all eight Areas, promoting cultural exchange and strengthening international bonds.

This year YMI witnessed some unexpected issues and challenges which resulted in the resignation of the International President. A huge inflow of unsolicited emails to club members across the organisation followed. It was pleasing that our YMI leadership handled these issues to ensure that the day-to-day administration of the organisation was not affected.

Looking ahead to 2023/24, YMI has outlined specific objectives and actions.

Accentuating the importance of growth and expansion, YMI aims to conduct an extensive new club formation campaign as part of the Strategy 2032 objectives.

The International Council recently accepted Chiang Mai, Thailand as the venue for the 2024 International Convention and plans are now underway to welcome delegates from 8-11 August 2024. The focus will be on creating a unique event of fellowship in a festival atmosphere.

In conclusion, the YMI year 2022/23 was marked by significant achievements, celebrations, and organisational advancements. The outlined objectives and actions for 2023/24 demonstrate YMI’s commitment to growth, modernisation, and adherence to statutory and financial regulations. By focusing on strategic initiatives and international collaboration, YMI is well-positioned to continue its legacy of making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

The 2023/24 year will be very important as the first year of the new centenary for YMI. We will march together into the next 100 years as a strong movement that has the power to heal the sufferings of the world. Let us be beacons in the dark, bringing joy to the world, as we are guided by the theme of IP Ulrik Lauridsen: “Let your Light Shine”.

Jose Varghese
International Secretary General