June Emphasis

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June Emphasis

June is the Emphasis Month for YMCA Liaison (YL) and performance analysis, evaluation, & planning for next year.

Liaisons for YMI and YMCA

Every club member in Y’s Men International should know about our historical connection with the YMCA ― the how, when, why and where of our foundation.

  • What was our relationship with the YMCA in the early years?
  • How has it evolved?
  • What does it look like today?
  • What roles do the YMI Liaison and World Alliance Liaison play?

We encourage you to read the summary of the YMI/YMCA relationship that IHQ has developed to honour the partnership of our two organisations in order to refresh your memory, perhaps learn new facts but most importantly to gain an understanding of where we are today and where we are headed.

Analysis and Year-End Evaluation

Analysis and Year-End Evaluation

June is also the Emphasis Month for performance analysis and year-end evaluation. IHQ is pleased to announce that it plans again this year to release an annual report. This should be published by early September as last year and will provide programme performance information, highlights of the year’s projects, key decisions and more.

  • What other information would you like to see included in that report?
  • Do you have information to share with us that you feel is pertinent and should be published?

Send us an email and let us know (ihq@ysmen.org).