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“The office should seek the candidate rather than the candidate the office.”

To be elected to Executive Office in the Y’s Men Movement is an honour. It is a great honour. It is a greater honour than to be elected to office in many other organisations. It is a far greater honour than to be elected to many public offices. For, in such cases, the candidates seek their own election, and the office goes to the most successful vote-getter. In our movement, since the beginning, it has been the unwritten rule that the office should seek the candidate rather than the candidate the office.

2023/24 Election Information

Nominated candidates must complete the
Biodata and Declaration of Acceptance Submission Form

Key Dates: 2023/24 Election

  • 1 September 2023
    • Proposed nominations for IPE from RDs and Nominating Committee to be received at IHQ
  • 8 September 2023
  • 30 September 2023
    • Last day for clubs to be in good standing as defined in Guideline 410, have at least fifteen (15) members for the three last semesters and have the required details of its Club President recorded at IHQ
    • A club failing to meet any of these requirements forfeits its international voting rights for the year (Guideline 409, International Constitution)
    • Requests for exemption from eligible clubs with 5-14 reported members in order to vote on international issues to be submitted
  • 6 October 2023
    • Proposed nominations from clubs for ICMs to be submitted
  • 13 October 2023
  • 15 October 2023
    • Last day for Regional Directors to submit endorsements of requests for exemption
  • 15 December 2023
    • International Election commences (5 pm, 17:00 CET)
  • 29 January 2024
    • International Election closes (5 pm, 17:00 CET)

The International President-Elect and International Treasurer-Elect shall be elected by the membership by a mail ballot of the clubs duly chartered and with voting privileges on international issues. The candidate receiving the highest number of ballots returned by the clubs, within forty-five (45) days after notice of the International Council nominations is mailed to the club president of record, will be elected. Each club shall have one (1) vote for each office. The election of the International President-Elect, International Treasurer-Elect and International Council Members shall be held at the same time.

International Constitution, Article V – Administrative Officers, Section 2 B