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Welcome to the Club President Elect (CPE) Institute

The Club President Elect (CPE) Institute is a  training forum for leaders at the club level. Its primary goal is to inspire incoming club presidents, to enthuse and impassion them to go beyond the fundamental parameters of the job and to give them the tools to do so. A good CPE Institute programme will not only provide pertinent training but also opportunities for idea-sharing and fellowship facilitated by some of YMI’s best trainers.  The institute will also offer self-learning options which allow motivated individuals to gain knowledge and develop skills at their own pace.

Upcoming Events

When: Saturday 11 May 2024
Time: 14:00-15:30 (Central European Summer Time)
Where: Online
Theme: ‘Communicating YMI’

Registration Deadline: 10 May 2024

Active participation in this session is open to Club Presidents Elect (50 maximum). Other interested club members may join as observers.

Empowering Club Leaders

The CPE Institute represents an innovative training forum designed specifically for leaders at the club level. Our mission is to invigorate and prepare the next generation of club presidents, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

Our Primary Goals

  • Inspire Leadership: We aim to inspire and enthuse incoming club presidents, encouraging them to surpass the basic expectations of their role.
  • Equip with Tools: Through our comprehensive program, participants will gain essential tools to effectively lead and make a significant impact.
  • Foster Idea-Sharing and Fellowship: The CPE Institute is a hub for creative collaboration, offering ample opportunities for idea exchange and networking, all facilitated by some of YMI’s most experienced trainers.
  • Promote Self-Learning: Recognising the value of individual pacing, we offer self-learning options for those who seek to advance at their own rhythm.

Complementing Traditional Training

The CPE Institute is an additional resource, designed to complement but not replace the traditional Leadership Training & Organisation Development (LTOF) structure. It offers a unique blend of structured training and flexible learning opportunities.

The Outcome for Graduates

Upon completion, our graduates leave the program feeling energised and committed, ready to serve their clubs and contribute positively to YMI. The CPE Institute experience is more than training; it’s a transformative journey towards effective and passionate leadership.