YMCA World Council – Celebrating YMI 100

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YMCA World Council – Celebrating YMI 100

Y’s Men International is preparing to host the first of the major centennial celebrations, as part of the 20th YMCA World Council and 51st YMI International Council Meeting, on Tuesday 5 July. The event will be live-streamed from 19:40 (CEST).

20th YMCA World Council

The YMCA World Council is the highest governing body of the global YMCA movement. It meets every four years, and the next meeting will be from 3-9 July 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark and online. The YMI International Council Meeting will run in Aarhus parallel to the World Council, from 4-8 July 2022.

The World Council allocated one full evening of their programme to recognise the 100th anniversary of Y’s Men International. Around 1,000 YMCA World Council and 200 Danish Y’s Men will join YMI International Executive Officers and Council Members to mark the occasion.

IEO Installation & Special Recognition

This momentous evening will also feature the installation of the 2022/23 YMI International Executive Officers and a special recognition of the YMCA of the USA for its unmatched local and global impact, its support for the establishment of Y’s Men International, and its ongoing leadership to make the world a better place for all.

Programme (all times CEST):

  • 19.40 Live stream starts – presentation of Y’s Men activities, photos & video
  • 19:55 Y’s Men Introduction video
  • 20.00 Offical programme starts
  • 20:05 Video Presentation: Y’s Men Centennial: Our Legacy from Toledo
  • 20.15 Live concert: Joyful Voices, Aarhus
  • 21.00 Installation of International Executive Officers
  • 21.15 Presentation of YMI Centenary Award to YMCA of the USA
  • 21.25 Y’s Men Hymn
  • 21.30 Prayer

– End of the live stream –