YMI World 1 – 2023/24

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YMI World 1 – 2023/24

On behalf of YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, we are pleased to announce that the first edition of YMI World for 2023/24 is now available.

This issue covers the opening of the new IHQ office in Geneva in late September. A landmark event and a milestone in the history of the movement. In addition, we have a collection of essays and perspectives, which include an experiential sharing by iGo intern, Oskars Mucenieks. ICM Sandra Hamilton, a transformational therapist, challenges us to live our dreams today.

As usual, we carry news from our Areas, albeit fewer than usual. We earnestly request our leaders in the Areas and Regions to send us news and notes of events, especially of
activities carried out for the benefit of the local communities.

This edition also pays homage to a Past International President who recently passed away, PIP Lasse Bergstedt.

Have you told your club’s story? Contact the editor through the form on the YMI World webpage to submit your articles and photos. The deadline for the next edition is 30 November.