YMI World 2 – 2023/24

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YMI World 2 – 2023/24

As we present the second edition of YMI World for 2023/24, we find ourselves at a crossroads, reflecting on our journey and contemplating the future of our publication.

While proud of our history of delivering various formats of this magazine since 1936, we recognise the need to adapt to the evolving media landscape. The presence of other official YMI publications and the challenges in content curation have led us to propose a review of our publishing policy at the upcoming MYM meeting in February 2024.

This edition features a heartfelt tribute to PIP Rachelle R. Reeg, whose contributions to YMI were monumental, particularly in advocating for women’s participation in the 1970s. Her legacy is a testament to her passionate commitment to YMI’s values and principles.

We also spotlight Mery Castro de Guzmán, whose story of overcoming personal challenges and dedicating over 40 years to volunteerism is truly inspiring. Her resilience and commitment to serving others, even in the face of adversity, exemplify the spirit of YMI.

Further, we explore the significant role of communications in the modern era, especially in the context of social media, with insights from Past International President Joan Wilson. The impact of digital communication on our organisation and the ways we adapt to these changes are crucial for our continued growth and relevance.

As always, we bring updates from various YMI Areas around the world, showcasing the diverse and impactful activities our members are engaged in. From environmental initiatives to community building projects, these stories reflect the global footprint of YMI and its dedication to serving local communities.

YMI extends its heartfelt gratitude to Editor Koshy Mathew for his relentless efforts in steering YMI World through recent challenges. His dedication and resilience in maintaining the quality and relevance of our publication amidst a changing media environment have been commendable. We thank him for his unwavering commitment to ensuring that YMI World has continued to be a vital source of inspiration and information for our community.