YMI World 3 – 2022/23

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YMI World 3 – 2022/23

On behalf of YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, we are pleased to announce that the third edition of YMI World for 2022/23 is now available.

This issue is a very special edition, covering the YMI 100 celebration in Taipei, Taiwan. The long-awaited event was finally held in grand style on 10-12 March 2023. We requested our International Historian Debbie Redmond to be a special correspondent and give us an overview of the event and this issue leads with her bird’s eye view of the three-day event supplemented by personal take-aways and impressions from some of our senior leaders – PIP Henry Grindheim, PIP Joan Wilson, PIP Jennifer Jones, PAP Rita Hettiarachchi, and RD Dan Eberly.

Also, Hiroyuki Tanaka was gracious to share hundreds of photographs that he took of the event with us. To all of them, our sincere thanks for their submissions to make this issue of our bulletin a proper record of that great event.

You’ll enjoy this brilliant edition that covers a wide range of topics from all corners of the movement.

Have you told your club’s story? Contact the editor through the form on the YMI World webpage to submit your articles and photos. The deadline for the next edition is 31 May.