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2023/24 International Elections

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" class="wp-post-image" alt="2024 International Convention" title="2024 International Convention">

2024 International Convention

The YMI Festival awaits! 2024 International Convention, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 8-11 August 2024. The International Convention with a Festival Flair.

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International President

Mr Ulrik Lauridsen, International President for 2022/23, is from Vejle, Denmark and a member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Vejle 2.

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Early Bird Offer Extended

Early Bird Offer Extended

The early bird deadline to register for IC 2024 has been extended give even more delegates the chance to secure the lower price. Book Now!

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Our Programmes

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Alexander Scholarship Fund" title="Alexander Scholarship Fund">

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Supporting training of YMCA Staff.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Endowment Fund" title="Endowment Fund">

Endowment Fund

Providing financial aid and stability for present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Building Fellowship" title="Building Fellowship">

Building Fellowship

Allowing travel of members to visit members in other countries.

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