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Legacy Story Series

YMI’s 'Legacy Story Series' was prepared to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Y's Men International in 2022.

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International President

Mr Ulrik Lauridsen, International President for 2022/23, is from Vejle, Denmark and a member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Vejle 2.

Latest News

IHQ Statement

The International Headquarters has issued a statement concerning false claims circulating among club members.

Youth World 86

Youth World 86

The latest edition of the Y's Youth publication, Youth World, is now available.

Legacy Story Series

Our Programmes

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Alexander Scholarship Fund

Supporting training of YMCA Staff.

" class="wp-post-image" alt="Endowment Fund" title="Endowment Fund">

Endowment Fund

Providing financial aid and stability for present and future purposes, objectives, programme and expansion.

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Building Fellowship

Allowing travel of members to visit members in other countries.

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