Emergency Support Appeal Launched for Chile Fire Victims

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Emergency Support Appeal Launched for Chile Fire Victims

In response to the tragic wildfires that have ravaged the region of Valparaíso, Chile, leaving behind a trail of destruction, loss of lives, and thousands displaced, YMCA Valparaíso and the Y’s Mens Club of Valparaíso have initiated an urgent appeal for support.

These fires have obliterated vast areas, predominantly affecting poor and vulnerable communities, resulting in 131 fatalities and leaving 40,000 people and 15,000 houses affected. The need for emergency assistance is overwhelming, with thousands in dire need of support to rebuild their lives.

The extreme temperatures in Chile, and the demographic, geographical and natural conditions of the terrain in the affected areas facilitated the spread of the fires, described as the worst tragedy in Chile since the 2010 earthquake.

Y’s Men International Leads by Example with a $3,000 Contribution

In solidarity with all those affected, YMI has expressed its support, granting USD $3,000 from the International President’s Discretionary Fund to aid relief efforts for the affected communities. The support comes at the recommendation of the Latin America Area and Region leadership and International President Ulrik Lauridsen.

How You Can Help

To facilitate contributions to the appeal, a dedicated channel for donations has been set up by YMCA Valparaíso through PayPal. This allows for easy and secure transactions, whether you have a PayPal account or wish to donate using a credit or debit card.

For club/Region/Area contributions via bank transfer, contact IHQ to arrange an invoice and payment.

YMCA Valparaíso is committed to full transparency and will manage and report on the allocation and impact of the funds collected through this campaign.

We deeply appreciate your support and solidarity in the wake of this disaster.