YMI Mourns PIP Lasse Bergstedt

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YMI Mourns PIP Lasse Bergstedt

PIP Lasse Bergstedt
82nd International President – 2007/08
27 April 1945 – 24 July 2023 (78 years)

The International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs is mourning the loss of Past International President Mr Lasse Bergstedt, who died on Monday 24 July 2023. He was 78 years old.

The funeral will take place at Gunderup Church in Gunderup, Denmark on Tuesday 1 August 2023 at 1:00 pm.

Lasse joined the YMI movement as a charter member of the Y’s Men’s Club of Østhimmerlands in 1981. He served as the club’s charter president, which was decided by the toss of a coin when his good friend, and now PIP, Jacob Kristensen was also considered for the position.

He was a deeply committed club member and there was hardly a job that he didn’t fill over the years. He lived up to the Y’s Men’s motto in every way, never shying away from any call to take on a new responsibility, and there were many of them over the passage of time. Among numerous other positions, he served as District Governor (1984-85), Regional Director (1990-91), Area President (1995-96), International Council Member (1994-97), and International President 2007-08.

One of Lasse’s great passions and achievements was the creation of new clubs and membership recruitment. Together with his good friend and eventual fellow International President, Poul V. Thomsen, he was entrusted with a new project to investigate opportunities to take the Y’s Men’s movement back to Eastern Europe. They set about starting new clubs in those countries, often in cooperation with the YMCA. Their legacy can be seen in the numerous clubs active today across Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

In 2006, shortly before Lasse’s inauguration as the International President, he experienced a profound tragedy when his beloved wife, Birgit, passed away. Despite this immense personal loss, Lasse exemplified resilience and courage. He assumed his new role with a vision of steadfast leadership, leading the organisation with strength and unwavering commitment, a testament to his formidable character.

Despite firm opinions, Lasse was a quiet and calm personality, modest and straightforward. He willingly took part in the training of future leaders both regionally and internationally. In 2021, Lasse received special recognition for his outstanding leadership to the movement and service to humanity with the International President’s Award.

Lasse leaves behind 2 children, his children-in-law, and 5 grandchildren.

Rest in peace, PIP Lasse Bergstedt.