YMI World 4 – 2022/23

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YMI World 4 – 2022/23

On behalf of YMI World Editor Koshy Mathew, we are pleased to announce that the fourth and final edition of YMI World for 2022/23 is now available.

A highlight of this edition is a guest essay examining the meteoric rise of artificial intelligence and the ChatGPT chatbot, which reached 1 million users in its first 5 days, a record for any online service. Fr. M.K. George examines both the promises and threats posed by ChatGPT.

In addition to uncovering stories and personalities from across YMI, this issue shares IP Ulrik Lauridsen’s hopes for the new YMI year. As we embark on the journey into the next century, ISG Jose Varghese invites readers to reflect on what has brought us to this point and to contemplate our future direction.

This edition also pays homage to two Past International Presidents that have passed away recently, PIPs Erick Kim and Finn Pedersen.

Have you told your club’s story? Contact the editor through the form on the YMI World webpage to submit your articles and photos. The deadline for the next edition is 31 August.