100 Days Membership Campaign

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100 Days Membership Campaign

September marks the beginning of second annual 100 Days Membership Campaign, officially underway since 1 September and finishing, like last year, on 9 December. It is hoped that all clubs will participate!

Now in it’s 4th year, the campaign will run as usual for 100 days – from 1 September until 9 December. Every club is invited to create an extension team – three or four club members working together to bring in new people and charter clubs (you can read more about this concept in this month’s IP News).

This type of cooperation can increase fellowship, idea sharing and your chances of a successful outcome. It can make extension exciting rather than intimidating. Using this method, YMI can achieve a 25% growth in membership this year.

Within the context of Strategy 2032, we encourage you to focus on family engagement, as well as attracting younger and more diverse members. However, any person embracing our values of love, compassion, sacrifice, and selflessness is always welcome to join our service fellowship.

Virtual Membership Concept

Inviting non-local persons to join clubs, adding a new, modern dimension to club life, as well providing new knowledge and resource streams. Lets’ create GLOCAL CLUBS – a Local Club with a Global membership!

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